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The Coupon Calculator – calculate your success

Are you considering using coupons to drive your sales? This website will help you calculate if and how you can use coupons successfully.

The Coupon Calculator is free of charge, without any obligations and the results are displayed instantly. Please enter all values below and hit “calculate”.

infoPrice of the coupon
infoRegular price of the product that is sold via coupon
infoNumber of coupons sold
infoAdditional earnings per coupon
infoFee per coupon of the website who promotes the coupon (e.g. Groupon)
infoShare of revenues of non-redeemed coupons (often 50%)
infoShare of consumers who will redeem their coupon (often 80%)
infoCost of product per coupon
infoShare of cannibalized sales (often 20%)
infoShare of repeat buyers (often between 10 and 40%)
infoHow much profit is made with each of the returning customers?