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Achieve maximum gains with coupons

Coupons and gift certificates are the new trend on the Internet. Daily deal websites like Groupon record a strong increase in popularity. More and more consumers visit their websites in the hope of finding offers with huge discounts.

For advertisers, these websites might be attractive because they allow for quickly acquiring a rather large number of customers. Yet, this attractiveness is not free of charge because advertisers need to pay a significant amount of money for each of these customers and the increase in the number of customers might be too large for some companies. Thus, advertisers made a wide range of different experiences. Some are successful and happy, others disappointed by the results and a bad business.

This wide range of experience provides a compelling reason why you should use my coupon calculator. It provides you quickly and easily whether you should use vouchers to increase your business. After entering some information about your business, the coupon calculator calculates if a coupon promotion is profitable for you or not. Thereby, it considers a short- and long-term perspective because some promotions might only payout in the long term.

The Coupon Calculator is a service provided free of charge. You do not have to register or sign up. At the end, you may forward the results to any e-mail address.